The NR10 standard obliges companies to regularize non-conformities in their industrial and potentially explosive environments with high performance equipment tested and certified by the world's toughest certifiers such as TÜV, UL, PTB, FM etc. This suitability brings some demanding tasks, sometimes very complicated for the end user, which covers the correct data collection of the equipment in the field and its correct technical specification together with the search of qualified suppliers with shorter delivery times. In this process of specification and future installation, errors cannot occur because products with recognized quality seals have higher values, therefore total care is needed at this stage of the project.

To meet this demand we have long-standing partnerships and a line of resale products from nationally and internationally recognized brands such as WEG Motors - HUMMEL Cable Ties- FIKE Pressure Relief Systems– EMERSON - Pressure Measurers, STAHL Flow - Lamps, Switches - WOLF - Pneumatic lamps and many others.


Our technical-commercial teams work together to ensure that the products are specified according to the needs of the industrial area where they will be installed and that the purchase values and delivery times are negotiated in order to obtain the best cost-benefit relationship, avoiding

Purchase of wrong products not meeting the technical and / or economic criteria

Purchase of over- or underdimensioned products

Rework caused by disassembly and reassembly of incorrectly specified products

Stops of the production line caused by repeated exchange of the same product

Additional costs due to rework

Accident risk caused by badly installed products not meeting the technical requirements of the area and / or machine where they were installed / aggregated

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